1st step in Automation

1st step in automation is RoboHub Eindhoven’s initiative for sharing our knowledge with companies that have an interest in automation.

Kampert Nauta

Kampert Nauta is a printing company in Oss (in The Netherlands) making flyers, posters, banners, business cards and a lot more. Kampert Nauta asked the RoboHub Eindhoven to look at their production process and see what could be automated and show them a demo. After looking at their process we identified the de-stacking of paper as a good proof of concept.

During the production process the paper is de-stacked several times. The de-stacking is currently done by hand with a tool designed for picking up a certain number of sheets at a time. This is a very labour-intensive process and (depending on the amount of paper) can be quite heavy. By adapting the ‘gripping’ tool to be fitted to a robotic arm we automated the process. The demo allowed us to demonstrate how the automated de-stacking works and how it would fit in their production process.

By Helping Kampert Nauta identifying what steps in their production process could be automated and giving them an example of how it could be done, we helped them in orienting their company to a more sustainable and future proof production process.



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Leader: Pablo Negrete Rubio